Fara í efni


Brynja leigufélag ses. was founded in 1966 as the Housing Fund of the Icelandic Disability Alliance. The objective was buying and owning properties which could be rented out at an affordable rate for people with disabilities.

The company is a registered non-profit fund and currently has a portfolio of about 1.000 apartments. Brynja has three main objectives:

1) To increase the number of rental apartments for disabled people.

2) To secure equal social distribution of our properties.

3) To maintain affordable rental rates for our customers.

Strong equity and a low mortgage rate allow the company to offer its customers affordable rental rates, considerably lower than market prices for a comparable apartment.

To be eligible for our housing people must be:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a confirmed disability diagnosis.
  • Being below certain income and equity limits, which are published annually.

People can apply on the home page of Brynja and must supply the necessary documentation and forms. Those who are eligible get on a waiting list and will be offered appropriate apartments based on their wishes and needs. The waiting list has been getting longer lately and the average waiting time for a new apartment is between 18 and 24 months.

According to Icelandic law, the local municipalities should secure housing for everyone. Brynja’s operations support this role of the municipalities for people with disabilities. Furthermore, Brynja is cooperating with the municipalities in several ways, helping people with disabilities.

People with disabilities who need assistance in applying for apartments should contact Brynja directly.